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Alfons De Vos started the willow business in 1908. During the first months of World War I and before the electrical barrier between the Netherlands and Belgium was raised he fled to Holland and via England and France he joined the Belgian army and served his country till 1918.

In the Thirties there was a thriving business and export to Holland, Germany and France. The biggest part consisted of peeled and unpeeled willow for basketry.

'harvesting machine'

The years 1940-1945 were very difficult because all the willows were claimed by the occupying forces.

After World War II the production and export started again and the business developed well. Since 1950 Fernand De Vos was assisting his father. Since then more willows were planted and the production has been mechanized (harvesting machine, peeling machine, drying room, refrigerating system…).

Through the years the trend in the use of willows has changed from not only basketry to the production of willows for tying up branches of the vines and for building of embarkments and reinforcement of dykes.

Since 2004 Bart and Manu De Vos assist their father.