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Presentation of the products

Fresh and dry unpeeled willow
First class willows are used in basketry and other weaving works. Furthermore willow is also used for tying up branches of trees and vines.
Peeled willow and sticks
If the peeling is done from fresh willow we become white peeled willow. If the willow is boiled and peeled afterwards we become light brown peeled willow, called ‘buff’.
Fresh and dry willow can be used in different types of mats, each one with its own function.
Willow of more than one year
Willows of more than one year are used for weaving hedges, river defence and fastening thatched roofs.
Planting material for energy willow
With the rising price of fossil fuel the interest for willow and in general for fast growing types of wood has increased in order to produce biomass.
Creative with willow
Some examples of how to be creative with willow.